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What is The Science of Reading & Why Should we Care?

If you are curious about the term "The Science of Reading" and wondering if this is simply yet another fad, there is a "Defining Movement" coalition that has formed to support you. This coalition has gathered to outline a common definition of what The Science of Reading is, and what is is not.

As outlined in their Defining Guide, 'evidence-aligned' reading instruction stems from many fields of research:

  • cognitive psychology,

  • communication sciences,

  • developmental psychology,

  • education,

  • implementation science,

  • linguistics,

  • neuroscience,

  • school psychology

CLICK HERE to find out exactly what is meant by The Science of Reading, what it is not, and to view a terrific chart that clearly outlines what reading research must include to be considered "scientifically-based".

For a synopsis of why we should at least BEGIN with 'structured phonics', view this 10-minute Ted Talk by Melissa Hostetter:

TEDx Talks. March 31, 2021. Can we Afford to Ignore the Science of Reading? Melissa Hostetter. TEDxUofISpringfield. Retrieved from


The Reading League (2021). The Science of Reading: A Defining Movement Coalition. Retrieved from

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