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Nomanis - Help for Teachers & Administrators who want to Implement Change

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Do you want to align your practice to the Science of Reading, but don’t have support from administration? Or, are you an administrator who does not have support from teachers?

Are you looking for a simple explanation you can share about the problem with balanced literacy's "3-cueing system" (guessing words by looking at the picture/context/some letters)?

The most recent issue of Nomanis (an Australian journal about effective instruction in reading and related skills) has so many practical articles to support teachers and administrators in implementing structured literacy and the Science of Reading.

One of the most practical articles is Stephanie Le Lievre's response to the questions: I want to align practice to the Science of Reading, but I don’t have support from my colleagues .... This article has a terrific CHART that outlines EIGHT STEPS for the classroom teacher who wants to make the change ‘from the bottom up’, and [for] an administrator/school leader who needs to get staff onboard (Le Lievre, 2020, p. 14).

Another very useful article is Tim Shanahan's explanation of the confusion between when we help children read by having them focus on the context of the story, and when we do not. It is a good 2-page article (p. 10-11) to share with colleagues who may be confused. This is a good place to start with WHY it is so urgent that we make changes.

Click on this link to view these great articles (3rd and 5th article down respectively):


Le Lievre, S. (2020). Change management: The science of reading. Nomanis, 10, p. 14-17.

Shanahan, T. (2020). Cueing systems vs. context analysis. Nomanis, 10, p. 10-11.

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