• M. Kovack

"At A Loss for Words" Documentary by Emily Hanford

This documentary by Emily Hanford is the first of two released by the American Public Media on August 22nd, 2019. "There is a theory about how people read words — one that's deeply embedded in teaching practices and curriculum materials widely used in elementary school classrooms. Although the idea has been disproved by cognitive scientists, it continues to be included in teacher preparation programs, promoted in professional development sessions, and marketed by publishers" (Minnesota Public Radio, 2019).

Listening to this podcast made me drop my jaw in disbelief. I have spent my entire career seeking out beginning reading instruction science and trying to put it into practice, facing ridicule, shame, and intense fearful reactions along the way. This podcast gave me, and thousands like me, the courage to break the silence about approaches that remove barriers and provide equal access to print.


Minnesota Public Radio (2019). At a Loss for Words: What's Wrong with How Schools Teach Reading? [Website]. American Public Media. Retrieved from https://www.apmreports.org/emily-hanford

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